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Digestion problems are a main cause for disease.  Forward this e-mail to a friend that has a digestion problem. 

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Ultra Lax is an aid in colon therapy.

Colon therapy releases toxins, cleanses the blood, stimulates the immune system, and aids in restoring the pH balance in the body," says Connie Allred, President of the American Colon Therapy Association.    Colon therapy can help relieve a wide range of symptoms related to colon dysfunction, including,

Colon therapy also helps to re establish regular bowel movements by restoring muscle tone and normal peristalsis.  According to Dr. Collins, as the squeezing action of peristalsis moves the blood and lymph in the region of the colon, the cells lining the colon excrete toxins and waste products into the both the colon and bloodstream for elimination.

Peristalsis also stimulates the liver to produce more bile,  Increased bile production aids the absorption of lipids (liquid fats) and fat-soluble vitamins, , aids in the removal of immune complexes (substances formed when antibodies attach to antigens), and assist in the breakdown of cholesterol.  Increased bile production also induces proper blood clotting and helps prevent the production of gallstones.

Colon therapy is most effective when used in conjunction with special exercises and alternative therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy, says Dr. Collins,  He uses colon therapy as an adjunct treatment for a wide range of conditions, including hypertension, arthritis, depression, parasites, and lung problems.

 In the case of hypertension, the muscular movements initiated by colon therapy help to control blood pressure by regulating the autonomic nervous system.  Arthritis patients benefit because of the direct stimulation of the 9immune system, states Collins.  This may help to remove immune complexes from the joints, a major factor in rheumatoid arthritis.


Colon therapy can also help rid the body of parasites without a need for the heavy drugs usually prescribe to treat them.  Dr. Collins reports of a patient who had a case of giardiasis (a form of parasites.)( She received colon therapy treatments and an Ayurvedic oral flush with salt water.  After several treatments that included pancreatic enzymes, she tested clear of the parasites.


There are 100 capsules in each.  The herbs contained are wild grown and not tainted with any chemicals.  They are in their natural form ground and capsuled.  THEY ARE NOT TABLETS.  They are made by an herbalist doctor that knows how to heal with herbs .(cascara sagrada, senna pods, psyllium seeds, turkey rhubarb, aloes, barberry root and slippery elm.)



ULTRA LAX.   This herbal combination is not only a fiber.  It will cause the intestines to contract and expel as they are supposed to as well as clean off the inner walls.  

It is well known that there are about 5-10 pounds of undigested meat and food in the intestines.  Reports have been made that after 3 months of taking Ultra Lax, pieces of fecal wasted matter almost like wood have come out in the stool.  There is nothing like Ultra Lax on the market or in the stores.  Ultra Lax is just a name given to this herbal combination that works.  If you are backed up for weeks and weeks, ultra lax works.  It normally takes a day or two to get things moving, but it works even with the most horrible cases of people who are constipated for weeks, it just takes a few days longer.  

Directions for optimal health.      There are different degrees of digestion problems and a different amount is necessary for each.  (you may experience stomach cramps due to new movement.  If this occurs take less until you build up.)

Worse Degree.  Between 3 and 9 capsules per day with and 8oz glass of water upon each intake.  You have to monitor yourself and decide your own dosage accordingly.  Ultra Lax always works.  In the worse case that I've ever seen it took three weeks.  This man manually would take out his stool and had not had a normal bowel movement for over 30 years.  After three weeks of taking a few a day, he went normally.  (He probably wasn't even taking it with water nor was he taking enough, if he had been, he would have been corrected much sooner.)

Moderate to low degree,  1-3 capsules per day with an 8 oz glass of water upon each intake.

General Directions Below,

1 capsule 20 minutes before breakfast daily for the first few days with a full glass of spring water.  As your body permits, increase dosage to between two and six capsules daily for three months.  Then a maintenance dose of one -three capsules daily.   Some nausea may occur at first because your intestines are moving again, releasing packed fecal matter that has been sitting still for some time.  As your intestines strengthen, you metabolism will increase and other health benefits will occur.  When your intestines are working correctly it will allow an individual to absorb the nutrients from his food far better.  2-3 bowl movements per day are consistent with a healthy person.    Proper digestion has already been shown to cause longer life, flatter stomach, healthier skin, clearer thinking, weight loss, cleaner feeling, deeper sleep, consistent bowel movements, better organ function and more.   

Ultra lax causes the intestinal muscles to contract and convulse as they are meant to.  If they have not been working right your whole life, you are basically working out a muscle that has been sitting atrophied over the years.  In the same way you would maintain working out a particular muscle such as the leg muscle or arm muscle, you have to maintain your intestinal muscles with the right nutrients.  We suggest until you learn about a proper diet for the intestinal tract, use Ultra-lax through out your life to keep digestively fit.

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