To the right are the scans showing my tumor shrink down as I built my immune system and ate the seeds.

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My name is Jason Vale and I know the answer to cancer.  Apricot seeds and a good diet.  This is agreed upon amongst top scientist and nutritionists.  I had cancer three times. The first time was when I was eighteen years old. For four months the doctors in 4 different hospital told me that I had pneumonia. Upon exploratory surgery it was found that I had a huge tumor the size of a grapefruit between my back and ribs which was causing fluid in my lungs to build up. When the lab results came back they revealed that I had a very rare form of cancer called the Askin's tumor . Upon researching my disease in the medical libraries, my father and I found that this particular tumor had a 100% mortality rate.(for the doctors report click here)  Of the people who had the Askin's tumor, all tried either chemo or radiation, and died anyway within a year or two. (all but two that is). There were only 40 reported cases at that time. All of this information consumed me as I got the beginning preparations for radiation treatments. I left the hospital that day knowing I would never go back for those treatments. Had I stayed, they would've killed me.

Immediately when I went home, I got back on the hockey team and started playing handball again. However, because this was such a fast growing tumor, within a year I was feeling the same back pains that I did when I was first diagnosed. When I could hardly walk ( the tumor had now invaded my spinal cord bone) my father pushed for a cat scan immediately. The hospital gave me an emergency appointment for the next week , but my father had a canary. Somehow he convinced them to take me immediately. It turned out that the same tumor was back, bigger and better than ever. They operated the next day. I later found out that if they had waited to operate, I would have lost my ability to walk.

This time we decided that we would do what the others in the reports didn't do. I would take both the chemotherapy and the radiation at the same time. The doctors were a little hesitant to so because the toxicity level from the chemo would be multiplied by the radiation. I started the treatments and in two months I was 40 pounds lighter and had such low blood counts I nearly died. It was then that I changed all of the foods that I ate without even realizing it. The chemotherapy made me so sick that I would nearly throw up at the smell of my old favorites, like Chinese food, Kentucky, and pizza. All I could eat was chicken soup,  sunflower seeds and only a select few of my mom's favorites. 

About seven years later as I was taking 40 Tylenol # 4 with codeine per day, during a routine was discovered that I had a tumor in my kidney. I told the doctor that I thought all the medication I was taking was the reason for the tumor. He said not to be silly. Upon research I found that pain killers have been proven to cause kidney carcinomas, which was what I had. Click here for a link to that scientific medical journal entry.  Later it was shown through various tests that the tumor in my kidney was malignant. It was about to start all over again. I went to the kidney specialist who said I had to get my kidney taken out. The more questions I asked him the more aggravated he got. I just wanted to know more about my disease so I could be in a better position to make a good decision. I left his office, returned once, and then never again.

Through my church I found out about a man who once worked in the labs at one of the Universities under Albert Einstein some 55 years ago. His name is Sal Catapano and he's now 82. Sal owns the patent and administers the Typhoid vaccine to cancer and AIDS patients. This is a natural immune stimulant that raises the T-4 and T-8 cells in your blood naturally and more effectively that anything else known to man. My first step to recovery was in visiting this man and receiving the Typhoid vaccine. The pain went away in my kidney and the cat scans showed the tumor shrinking. My own immune system was simply encapsulating the tumor, protecting the rest of me.

About two months later a friend from church gave me the videotape ' World Without Cancer' and that is when I discovered what causes cancer in the first place, and the simple way to stop and/or prevent it. For three years I've been researching government documents, cancer journals, lectures and individual testimonies and all of the information on the tape proves true. How could there be such a simple answer to this disease and it's not on the front cover of every newspaper? Well, the answer is deeply political and money orientated. The simple seed is the answer, just as the orange was the answer to Scurvy , yeast and liver to Pellagra and other vitamin B foods to Rickets and Beri beri. Remember over a million sailors died from Scurvy and the answer was simply vitamin C, the orange. Almost entire countries were crippled by Pellagra and the answer was vitamin B. The same is true with Rickets, Beri Beri and many others.

As I ate cyanide filled seeds the cancer dissipated from my body. Remember, cyanide is found in thousands of foods, but we no longer eat those foods. Such foods are Lima beans, Caribou meat, millet and wheat grass. It is not dangerous. It is not only healthy but it is essential for our well being.  Of coarse we've all heard a story where a man drank the poison cyanide and died. This is not the case however when it is found in foods. That powerful word cyanide kills the bad cells in our body and only the bad cells. Think of water. Hydrogen and oxygen.When hydrogen and oxygen atoms are joined to form a compound, the result is the harmless substance water.When Hydrogen is separated it can be deadly. The compound that cyanide is found in is also quite safe, as a matter of fact it is less toxic then sugar or table salt. It also contains simple directions on how to prevent and cure the disease with out ever having to go to the doctor for it.



Michael Cruz had a growth on his back for two and a half years. He also had horrible rib pains for over a year. I told him he probably had bone cancer. His wife became a little upset with how non-schelant I was about it. Two months later he had a biopsy of the tumor on his back and scans to check his bones. He had melanoma on his back and bone cancer as I said. The family called me up right away and I told them to start him immediately on the seeds and the B17. I told them to watch the tape (which they had had but never viewed) as soon as Mike got out of the hospital. A week or two went by and they didn't watch the tape or take the vitamin. He tried a couple of seeds, but thought they tasted too bitter. Diana, their daughter and my friend had already watched the tape and knew the story of vitamin B17. She came over picked up some seeds and some of the vitamin. I went to the hospital with a T.V. VCR and brought it into Mike Cruz' room. (Mr. Cruz had said that their weren't any VCR's in the hospital. When I got to the floor he was on I saw a VCR right there near the main desk that they probably could've borrowed. I'm telling you this because it's so upsetting how people don't even try. The Bible says that there is long life with knowledge, and to seek wisdom because it is more precious than silver and gold. Anyway, I put the video on and left the hospital and the 100 pound T.V. in the room. I heard that he (Mike) watched the video as got up and down leaving the room and coming back catching only portions.

I had seen the tumor on his back, it was the size of a handball. I had put my finger into it and pushed a little. Mike looked as if he was going to swing at me. That night I heard that Mike Cruz took over 18 of the B-17 (500)mg tablets. The next day the tumor was soft and about 30% smaller. He took about 10 per day as well as a little bit of seeds. In one and a half weeks when I went over their house the tumor was practically gone. Two days later Diana (his daughter) called me up to tell me that it was 100% gone.

Even with such amazing results he allowed himself to be pressured into taking Chemo therapy. If you have Melanoma and would like to speak directly with the Cruz family please call our office for the phone #. This story is from August of 1997. Mike Cruz, Whitestone NY.

Update Feb 98. Mr Cruz took chemo as he also stayed on the b17 and seeds. The doctors don't understand how his blood counts are perfect when he's on chemo and has bone cancer.

Go to the journal, these stories are old and just a few of the hundreds that are getting better.


Remember these are just stories that I personally have seen. Dr. Krebs claimed a 92% success rate and Mr. Griffin says that over the last 20 years not one of the 2000 people that he knows that had B17 in their diet has developed cancer.

Rose Stark, from Christian Church of North America, formally from Free Gospel Church Assembly of God, had a biopsy done of her cervix. She had pre cancerous cells. A month later she had another biopsy and the results showed that it worsened and was now stage 2 cancer. She went back to Fort Mill, S.C. with the video tape and the seeds which I gave her while she was visiting her home church here in NY. (She's been living in South Carolina for a few years now.) She began eating the seeds for a couple of weeks. I called her to see how she was doing and she said that she stopped eating the seeds because the next week she was going to have the operation and she didn't want her blood test to show she was eating the seeds. Now I held my cool when she told me this but not fully. I told her "first of all the seeds can only improve your blood and if you're going to get an operation and move those cancer cells around you especially needs B17 in your body to kill off the loose cells." I was a little more forceful than that almost scaring her by telling her that if she wants to die than she should completely stop the seeds. I believe in talking truth like this to people. If I see someone going of a cliff I am going to tell them that they will die if they don't stop.

She started eating the seeds again, a few an hour. The next week she was scheduled for another biopsy on Monday for her uterus ( to see if that was to be removed also) and again on the cervix just to check up on it. That was Monday. On Tuesday the night before her operation her doctor called her up and told her that she was cancer free in her cervix and uterus, he didn't understand it and that the operation was, of course, off. If you would like to write Rose Stark her address is 125 Cedar Hallow South, Fort Mill, SC 29715. Ask her for her phone number and if it's ok to call her, I'm sure she'll be happy to share.

Skin cancers

Henry Cates July started with the seeds. He had cancer moles this is his letter to us. If this letter seems a little prepared it's because I told him that we might post his story.

I'm originally from Texas. I grew up in the south and lived most of my life there. The sun takes it's toll. By the time I was 40 both my arms were covered with moles or sun damaged skin. Also called skin cancers.

By 54 they were beginning to appear on my face. Also the whole mess had begun to itch - especially the new ones appearing on my face. I knew this was a bad sign. Several years earlier I had 11 of the worst ones removed by cryogenic surgery. In spite of what anyone says, cryogenic is not painless. Plus there were just too many of them One would have had to "peal" both arms to get rid of all the moles.

Anyway, I found some information on a WEB site ( about B17 and apricot seeds. It was very interesting and made a lot of sense. I placed an order to try them out. At first they seemed bitter but soon I developed a taste for them. I would just chew on a few at work when I thought about it. I am a computer programmer. I have plenty of time to chew!

Within about a week I noticed the itching was gone, especially the new ones appearing on my face. About two weeks later my wife commented on how much smoother my arms looked. That really got my attention because I had not been aware of change after the itching had stopped. I took a look and my arms really did look better, better then they looked in 30 years!

Improvements continued. It has been about a month now and my skin no longer looks like a dead sack for holding a body. My skin now has a smooth, alive glow. It is alive. Was it a miracle? Not really. It was just nature's technology being applied. Well then...maybe nature "is" a miracle.

Thank you for being there when I needed your products

Sincerely, Henry Cates, 403 22nd Street NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

I have had only positve feedback concerning skin cancers.  The reports are similar, shrinking, diisaooearing and falling off.



Dear Mr. Vale I entered the hospital in December of 1995 and was told by my doctors that I had an ostisarcoma below my right knee. I underwent four rounds of chemotherapy in early 1996, prior to surgery. All the chemotherapy did was destroy all but 42% of my kidney function without any effect on the size of the tumor in my leg. In May of 1996, I had an above the knee amputation of my right leg to remove the cancer. This was followed by a round of chemotherapy that put me a coma for three days in the hospital's ICU. I was told that further chemotherapy would be useless and I was sent home after almost eight months in the hospital. On a return checkup in May of this year the cancer was discovered in my lungs

The Oncology doctors at M.D. Anderson hospital were not optimistic about my treatment or survival. After many tests they decided to try two courses of chemotherapy after which they would re-evaluate me. I underwent this treatment and once again the tests showed moderate growth of the cancer even during chemotherapy. At this point my decided that there was nothing else to do and sent me home to die.

By this time I had been researching all non-traditional means of treating cancer. I was already taking shark cartilage in capsule form, Noni juice in liquid form and then I discovered B17 over the internet. I contacted your office and obtained bottles of the 500mg tablets and packages of the apricot seeds. (for no charge with a promise to pay you in the future.) That was over a month ago and everyone has noticed a big difference in my health. I had been coughing up blood and having a painful heavy feeling in both of my lungs for months prior. Within two weeks of taking B17 and the seeds, I stopped coughing up blood and have steadily improved to the point that my lungs sound normal to my doctor. I now have every hope of making a complete recovery.

Frank Jursits, 11411 Green Plaza, #3011, Houston, TX. 77038. Oct 14th 1997

These are just a few of the stories that I have dealt with. Dr. Krebs dealt with many more and claimed a 98% success rate. Remember: these are cases where the person was nearly dead before starting;



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