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My recent medical situation involving the infected plastic mesh that had to be removed surgically from my rib cage on March 23, 2009.  The 10" X 2.5" X 2"deep hole that was left is still healing as of today June 7, 2010, yet not closed where air continues to escape through my back as I breath in and out. The original cancer removal operation was in 1989.  The put soem plastic mesh for support in place of a few ribs they removed.  Now, 21 years later, the plastic mesh which is so interwoven in my chest, is severely infected requiring emergency removal

Repeated hospitalizations for flu like symptoms. By Nov. my left side was swollen, painful and red. Upon noticing the swelling I was admitted for a day as my side was cut opened to release the buildup of fluids inside.  Cultures showed form of Staphylococcus. Click here for a picture of my side after it was cut the first time to relieve fluid.

From November to March I tried to get rid of the infection by eating all types of well know infection killers, acupuncture, colloidal silver megadosing, magnetic beds but nothing expect removal of the plastic mesh foreign body could cure my fistula.  At one point I was forced to cut my side due to the pain, swelling and refusal of my doctor to admit me.

With my side causing me to lose pounds weekly, I was able to compete in an Arm Wrestling Tournament.   November 2009  I won my first arm wrestling tournament since I've been released.  Queens Strongest Arm..    

On March 3, 2009, My downstairs tenant sees how sick I am and tries to barge through my apartment to use my front door.  The Judge Alex Show Picks up the case.  Click here.

MARCH 2009
  I am hospitalized now from a deep infection which had been growing while in prison.  Officially it was called a Broncho Pleural Cutaneous Fistula.  This video is of the wound after the operation where Dr. Goncalves debrided the wound, removed most of the plastic and left the resulting hole to heal from the inside out.






Human Blow Hole fixed and here it is...

April 2009.

Bronchopleural cutaneous Fistula breathing out of back.

Today August 12, 2009 the hole has healed over 50% but there is still a very small air leak from my back to my lung.

As of Oct, 2009.  The hole in my back has closed up about 60%.      Click here

Bronchopleural Fistula Healing Hole In Back Five Months Post.

As of March 2010 the hole in my back is still about 5cm by 4cm by 3cm and I can still breath out of it.  I am going through hyperbaric oxygen therapy for two hours a day at Winthrop Hospital as we are attempting to grow new vessels in the area in prep for another operation to remove the rest of the plastic mesh, or better yet to close up the hole over the mesh and avoid another operation. 

Hyperbaric Therapy Chamber.
Post operation video links below. June 6th. 2010  Hyperbaric therapy is over.  The air leak from my back to my lung is still quite open.  You can hear the air whistling from my back whenever I talk with minor force, cough, hic up or swallow.

Click here for full story of past cancer and imprisonment over the apricot seeds.



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