Today my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was upset when I learned that I have another member of my household with cancer. (My son was diagnosed with ALL in December of 1996) But let me tell you, I know how to deal with cancer and I know that anyone can go into remission on just the seeds. I have seen so many people that had cancer go into remission and I know that it is God's doing. I have faith in God and God put the seeds in my path. I know that my husband will be just fine within a few weeks. Jason I want to thank you from the heart. You have been a fighter and you are also a winner. Jason, by saving at least one life, that is one more life out of the hands of all the evil that exists in the medical profession, in particular the FDA. I do know one thing, prayer is what led me to this website back in 1997, and prayer been my strength thru all the tough time my family has faced. I wish that people would have faith in the seeds like I do. I have seen the miracles that b-17 has done, I have also lived them. God Bless You, Lilia Morales PS - I met Edward G. Griffin, June 1999. It was very emotional for me to go up to him and shake his hand. I could not stop crying, I thanked him for having the guts to write the book World without cancer, and I thanked him for giving people a second chance at life. GOD BLESS YOU AGAIN JASON!

AUG 18TH 2000

Jason, I will try and watch the show. By the way, what is cansema made from?? The paste I recently sent for has had some affect on my sun spots. After applying it, the reaction was very similar to what I experienced at a dermatologists' office when she "zapped" my precancerous spots. There was a slight stinging and then a slight swelling and redness followed by a scab. In a few days the scab falls off and the redness remains for a few more days. I am just doing a few spots at a time but am happy to get these results ... At the skin doctor's it costs me $75. a spot and insurance does not pay for it. Thanks again for your help. I do wish I could get some written information on cansema. Best wishes, Jill


I've been taking the seeds (10 per day for 16 months. In that time my blood pressure has goner from 190 over 90 to 120 over 72. I also had early glaucoma and that too has cleared up. The glaucoma was diagnosed by eyeball pressure which was at 25. it is now 16. I've shared with many people in my area about the seeds and over 50 of them have begun to take the seeds also. My father is diabetic but since taking the seeds is now off of insulin. Praise God! I will never cease to pray for you for the information that you gave to me that has bettered my life. Thanks


John Hughes

Jason, you are in my prayers. As a preventative measure taking seven seeds a day and one ounce of Noni Juice--my joint pain in my hips is gone, my basal cell on my face is gone and I thank God for your work.

God Bless You! davis642@aol.com

Dear Jason, MAY 22, 2000

I just wanted to thank you for your help and I am so thankful for having found out about apricot seeds. I wanted to tell you what happened to me . Several months ago I had discovered a few lumps in my right breast one of which was very hard and about the size of a walnut. I am not the type of person to go running to the doctor for every little thing and don't have much confidence in modern medicine , but with all the scare about catching these things early, I did make an appointment , but not until I started taking the apricot seeds . I was also taking Tegreen (decaffeinated concentrated green tea capsules) I've been told that Tegreen contains 80x the potency of vitamin C with no stomach upset. I took 6- 10 capsules per day. I also took 6-12 crushed apricot seeds along with enzymes and about a third of a fresh pineapple per day which was recommended by one of your staff. I did this for about 2 weeks, had my bible study group pray for me. A week later, I went to my OBGYN doctor who referred me for an ultrasound and mammogram. They found numerous cysts in both breasts, some of which were suspicious, but many of which I was told were fluid filled. During the following weeks, I continued taking the same amount of apricot seeds and Tea green. I noticed a lot of concentrated pain in my breasts each night---but during this time the lumps were getting smaller and smaller until finally they disappeared altogether . The doctor said I should get another ultrasound in September, but I am confident they will find nothing. Praise God for you and all of what you and your staff are doing. I hope someday people , especially the medical profession will understand and be more accepting of this alternate type of treatment. Thanks again. Nina Martin jbadv@aol.com

Jason, here's one you'll like!

My name is Brad Johnson, and my stepson Jon was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease, stage four, right after Christmas. I immediately got him on the seeds and 500mg b-17. His dad did not trust the vitamins completely and decided to do the chemo. After six weeks on the chemo, they retested Jon to see if there was any effect. They found NO cancer! He had it all through his lymph nodes, some in the bone, his liver was full of it, as well as his bone marrow!! it's all gone! The doctor's don't understand what happened, and want to do 6 more weeks of chemo, followed by 2 months on a smaller dose, and then one month of daily radiation. The problem now is his dad completely trusts the doctors and wants Jon to take the rest of the treatment. Jon is only 14 years old, and has had very little side effects from the chemo. He is still on the seeds and vitamins, but as a maintenance dose. Anything I could tell his dad to maybe get him to realize how much harm it could do to Jon? Feel free to put this in your newsletter, and thanks for all of your help!!

Sincerely, Brad Johnson

P.S. I heard about the trouble with aol, and I understand the need to e-mail as many people as possible-that was how I heard about you in the first place, so thanks for spamming me!

Dear Jason,

I am an optometrist in a suburban city in northern California. I graduated from Boston College in 1966 and new England College of Optometry in 1979. I spent three years in the Navy as an optometrist in San Francisco. I'm 55 years old and work out every day doing Tai Chi and karate. I hold third degree black belt. I'm 6 feet and 185 pounds, and my weight hasn't changed since I took my Optometry boards in 1970. At that time I gained 25 pounds temporarily from studying for the exams, and I lost the weight soon after passing them. I'm happily married to a kindergarten teacher and have three successful children. We are very close. ------------My diet is health conscious, because my son has Type I diabetes, and my family have all learned to eat for his needs. I have supplemented 7000 mg of Vitamin C, along with calcium, liver and vitamins A and E for 30 years. I drink distilled water at the rate of two quarts per day, and my life has little or not stress. I'm on my fourth trip through the Bible, and I use the Jenson Self Study Series as a guide. I know that God is in control, and I'm happy with my life and my family.------Five years ago I noticed a painless lump in my right neck which I researched in the Merck Manual as possible Lymphoma, I had no other symptoms, so I ignored it On one subsequent physical exam the examiner noted something in my groin but didn't elaborate and told me to check back in a year. More research on my part led to a probable diagnosis of Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma, but I continued to ignore it because I had none of the associated symptoms. Maybe one or two occasional night sweats, but nothing definitive. And I felt fine. I slowly began the process of arranging my estate and changing my life insurance from term to Variable Life. Each physical exam probed normal, and I continued to ignore the lumps which were growing on my neck.----In summer of 1999 my chiropractor asked me when I was going to look in to the lumps, and I told him that I was denying the possibility of cancer. He convinced me to get a check up, and that's when the mud hit the fan.---------When I called my good friend and Primary Care Physician for a physical, she said that she could see me in three months. When I explained that I needed to rule out lymphoma in my lymph nodes, she had me come in that same week. On examination she just about dragged me for a chest x-ray which probed negative. She then insisted that I get a surgical biopsy of one of the nodes at a local hospital with the results sent to Stanford. The diagnosis turned out to be Low Grade Small Cell Follicular lymphoma. ---------My PCP referred me to an oncologist who took a bone marrow biopsy which proved to be normal. He measured each lymph node with a caliper and recorded the sizes. He then described the lymphoma as indolent and decided not to treat it but to follow up every two months for a year, and then every three months for a year and so on. I told him that I myself would look into every other option available, including Chinese acupuncture, and he approved with the request to keep him informed. I agreed, and we made two month follow up appointment..------With the horrific diagnosis of CANCER my ebullient self image took a huge hit. When your neighbor has cancer it's one thing; but when you yourself have it, it's quite a different matter. Friends either ignored me completely or asked so many questions that it was tiring. As a committed Christian, my most prominent emotion was disappointment. I had always thought that with all my health consciousness I would live a long and fruitful life. Now I was staring at possible death sentence within five years. This was an interesting time when my faith became even more prominent. I prayed to be delivered from the cancer if possible but more importantly to receive the courage necessary to endure it. I was resigned to God's will.-------Interestingly enough, the humiliation of admitting to your friends that you have cancer is only outweighed by the blessings of their prayers. I received many heartfelt notes from friends who feel as I do about the Lord, and it was very comforting. One message however, was quite different. My wife teaches kindergarten at a local school, and one of her paren5ts gave her a suggested a cancer diet for me with the sincere apology so as not to seem suggestive. That note was the answer to my prayer for deliverance.______It noted many factors of a good diet which just happened to coincide with my own diet. The immense exception was Laetrile. She suggested that I needed more then anything to get in contact with apricotsfromgod.com and begin Laetrile at 3000mg per day. Laetrile. Who'd have thought it? I should have.-------------My mother's sister died from pancreatic cancer in 1978, and I suddenly remembered all the research I'd done on Laetrile back then in a vain attempt to convince her to take it. I remembered filing it all way under Nutrition with the idea that some day I might need it.--------There it was, all the original papers of Krebs and the Committee for Freedom of Choice in Cancer Therapy. I was astounded. Here was the answer.-----I logged on to your web site, ordered the tape, the Griffin Book, the seeds and the beginning dose of 500mg Laetrile tablets and waited anxiously for their arrival. My wife asked me; "Are you really going to take that stuff?" and I answered in all seriousness; "Without a doubt!"------------My original oncologist visit was 01 December 1999, and by the 15th of December my lymph nodes had begun to ache. This was not a good sign When initial shipment of goods finally arrived on Christmas Eve, I took the first dose right out of the UPS box. I soon added the enzyme tablets and fresh pineapple each day. I bought a juicer and drank fresh carrot and apple juice each morning, and I continued with my karate and Tai Chi workouts each day. I experienced initial nausea for two weeks, and I broke out in a painless skin rash on my torso which healed within two weeks.-------To my amazement the pain in my lymph nodes disappeared within 48 hours of taking the first Laetrile tablets, and it never returned. As time passed I even felt that the nodes were softening and shrinking.------On my first follow up visit on 16 February, the oncologist noted no changes in diet, energy and general well-being, and then he began to measure the lymph nodes. As he recorded the findings he began muttering to himself, and when he searched to the nodes in my armpits, he couldn't find them. He asked me to lay back while he probed even deeper, but he was unable to feel them. He stood back and said: "They're gone!......What are you doing?"----------So I told him about the laetrile, and he said: "Well, I don't care whether it's the juicing, the Tai Chi, the prayers or the Laetrile, but these nodes have shrunk considerably, and I would classify this as a miracle. Keep it up, and I'll see you in two months."-------After he left the exam room, I fell to my knees and thanked God for a deliverance. I was so excited that as I drove home I smashed into a pickup truck ahead of me at a traffic. The police officer who responded is an acquaintance, and when he said: "Too bad about your new BMW," I told him the good news, and he replied: "Hey, forget about the car! It's just a fender bender. What great news! "Yes what great news. It changes everything and allows me to resume my normal life cycle with a minor adjustment.-------I've read the Griffin Book, and I discuss the nature of cancer when people ask. Some people are ready to learn, and others are not. I appreciate all your effort, and I keep you all in prayer for safety and success.-------Won't it be fun to find out what God has in mind for us? I awaken each day with a prayer of thanks for another on, and I end each day with the realization that if this is all, it's been terrific.


Michael A. Roy, O.D.

In June of 1998 I noticed a large lump near my ear on my left side of my
face. My first reaction was that it probably was an absyss or maybe it was a psydeo-lymphomia lump (I had this condition since I was 18 and was 29 at this point). See pysdeo-lymphomia is not cancerous and you get large lumps almost like a pimple/cyst that are painful and itch and show up on your skin not near any lymphoid. I was concerned so I went to the dr. and was given antibiotics. When they didn't work I was given a stronger dose. In TWO weeks my cancer spread from my face to my neck on the same side. I went to a ENT specialist and right away did a needle biopsy. I was getting nervous, but for some strange reason I felt too good to be sick. Well, a couple of days later I was in the hospital ready to have the tumor in my neck removed so they could see if it was py/lym or cancer. I was diagnosed with high-grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (BURKITTS). I couldn't believe it. My blood came back good except that my immune system was shot. My wife (who was my fianc at the time) told me about Diana Cruz' father who was given only 3 months to live 3 years ago was taking these APRICOT SEEDS. I was very skeptical, but also open minded to anything that wouldn't destroy my body like CHEMO (which I read about by pamphlets by the ACS/NCI who scared me to death about CHEMO). After seeing me Cruz and finding info on my sisters computer about B17 I decided I wanted to try this first before chemo. Well I called Christian brothers and spoke to Jason and explained my situation. He told me he'll ship my order right away, but he didn't know me well and when I want something bad enough I want it now. I drove to his place with my brother and got my SEEDS AND 500MG OF LAETRILE and off I went in my car where I started eating the seeds right away and so did my brother who liked them that was Thursday. Friday morning I woke up and I felt my face and noticed the tumor shrank some I was pumped. Saturday it shrunk some more and nobody believed it. I called my mom and she told she'll be the judge when she sees me (my mom totally backed me on all my decisions and agreed for me to go this direction). Sunday I went over to my sisters block party and when I got out of the car my mother was shocked it shrunk almost 75%. Nobody could believe there eyes. Monday I got a call from Jason and all he said was "so how much did it shrink" I told him and said I want to come over and get some more. When I saw Jason I got my pills and more seeds for my family (for preventative) and asked Jason what I should eat, what supplements to take and he told me, and I'll never forget this, "you'll have to find out yourself" I was so mad I wanted to punch him. I couldn't believe he had all this knowledge and wouldn't share it w/ me and that was the best thing that ever happened to me. I bought books on cancer, nutrition, and anything about the immune system or related to anything about cancer he got me motivated and he helped me more by not telling me. He did give me a phone # to a lady in New Mexico (Renee) who had these herbal drops that boost the immune system which did raise my CD4 Cells form 420 to 700 in a few months. My doctors by the way were calling me up asking me when I was going to start the CHEMO (they wanted to give it to me in my brain/spine and wrist) and told them I wasn't taken it. They called my parents my brother and my fianc trying to convince them to have me come in and take the chemo I almost lost it. They even told me to call off my wedding even after I told them to leave me alone. I finally went to my Drs. office and was asked to sign a waiver so they wouldn't be responsible for me and would leave me alone. Things were going good, I started to change my diet which was basically garbage food of meats/milk/eggs and no fruits/veg. I started eating more fruits/veg and slowly eliminated junk out of my diet. I got married in Nov (3 months after diag.) and things were going good until I started putting high dosages of cansema paste on my face(i had a psydeo-lymphomia lump on the same side of my face as the cancerous tumor which they removed 10 years ago and slowly grew back). It actually drew the shrunken tumor into the lump and the two together started getting bigger till it got to the size of a softball. It was extremely painful where I couldn't sleep it hurt when I ate and I was having trouble closing my left eye. That's when I made the toughest decision and went to my Dr. and we talked and he said he could give me a less severe type of treatment. I got retested (blood work,ct scan) and to his amazement not mine the cancer did not spread for 8 MONTHS he said it was a miracle I told him it was the seeds which he knew I was taking. So I ended up taking 4 treatments of CHOP (which they thought I would have to take 8-12) and local radiation. My blood always came back great and I rebounded back very fast thanks largely to eating almost all organic/veg diet and supplements. And most of all the SEEDS AND LAETRILE which I took while I was taking chemo/rad and still take everyday since my diag. in June of 98. My cancer was very aggressive and by taking the SEEDS/PILLS it prevented it from spreading where I was told a week is like a month in my case do the math 8 months x 4weeks in a month = almost 3yrs. And who knows if I didn't take the cansema I might of not needed the chemo, maybe it was Gods way to make me a stronger person. I have so much more info to share with you but unfortunately I can't fit it all here. But you can always call me at


Dear Christian Brothers;

My name is Debra Franco, I am 28 years old and a single mother of an 8 year old son. On this day I am alive and doing well due to much faith and prayer as well as the Vitamin B-17.

A little over a year ago. I was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer and metastases to the liver and lung. A short time later, I underwent an experimental treatment in Milan, Italy, where doctors gave me little or no hope for recovery. While I was in Italy, some friends contacted Jason Vale to see if B-17 was something that could help me. I was rushed a bag of seeds and the book World Without Cancer. I immediately started taking the seeds, but soon found out that I now had metastasized to the heart and brain. It was soon after this that I lost the vision in one eye and was told it was time to make my final preparations.

I didn't know if it was possible but I knew I had to get home. Arrangement were made to return home and what was supposed to be a five month stay turned into a two month stay. People all over the world were praying that my body would sustain the flight. Finally on April 16, 1999, we arrived in Houston. Although exhausted and jet lagging, we made it!!! It was a few more weeks after this that I started taking the injectable laetrile. 

Things got so much worse before they got better. I lost total vision and by June, I could not see or hear. doctors gave me two weeks to live, but I told them that they would be hearing from me in two weeks. They thought I was crazy, but I knew God was going to heal me! I realized early on that faith for my healing was a personal matter between me and Jesus. No one else's faith was going to heal me.

Although in the natural, things did not appear hopeful, I knew that God was good God and I encouraged everyone around me to walk by faith. I can't imagine what my parents and sisters were going through as they looked on at a lifeless , deaf and blind girl. My son was by my side every step of the way, God showered him in such grace. All I could think of was that I had to fight for the sake of my son. I knew that God had not blessed me with such a wonderful son to leave him at the tender age of eight.

Very slowly we began to see small signs of improvements. It was a very slow process, but now only seven months lager, I am sitting here with total sight and hearing typing to you. I five the glory to god for giving us everything we need for life and Godliness.

The most recent MRI shows no tumors on my brain or heart!!! My lungs and liver and liver are working well. Although I had to have a total colostomy and permanent ilasomy: I am in 100% remission. My address is P.O> Box 720727, McAllen, Texas 78504, for anyone who would like to contact me. I would be happy to share my healing process with B-17 and my faith in a great God who provided a cure for me. It can happen to anyone who believes!

I thank you Christian Brothers and Jason Vale for all that you have done and are still doing to make B-17 available to us. God Bless You!

Dear Christian Brothers

I've been reading Edgar Cayce lately (The Sleeping Prophet) and I find it interesting your findings on cancer. Over 50 years ago Edgar Cayce said "...just as a person who eats two or three almonds each day need never fear cancer, those who take a peanut oil rub each week need never fear arthritis." "A form of vitamin may be obtained from certain nuts - as the almond - that would be helpful as a preventative. And if an almond is taken each day, and kept up, you'll never have accumulations of tumors or such conditions through the body." Cayce said there were many kinds of cancer, nineteen variations, externally and internally, arising from glandular or organic disturbance, or from infections arising from bruises. Not necessarily hereditary, tendencies were passed on and blood descendants should build up their blood plasma. One of the problems Cayce pointed out in some readings, was that the cancer cell was an uncontrolled growth of normal-like cells that hoodwinked the body's immune system into thinking they had a right to be there. Cayce expounded a whole broad concept of cancer origin linked to toxics overloading the system. If eating an almond a day keeps cancer away, it also keeps the medical profession from making billions. Therefore; medical science will never accept a natural product that can be bought in any grocery store depriving them of that almighty dollar.

In case you didn't know, Cayce was a devout Christian that only had this "knowledge" in trances - that's why they called him the sleeping prophet. He was 97% accurate in his diagnoses and cures - the latter 3 % not following his instructions precisely as prescribed. He said there was a cure for every disease on the earth. He was rather unimpressed with the medical profession that thought the scalpel (spelling?) was the cure for everything.

The almond I guess is too simple a solution for such a dreaded disease. Plus I have a strong mistrust of the medical profession whose real motive is to line their pockets with gold, not to cure people. Mostly it's the pharmaceutical (spelling?) companies that control the medical profession to begin with.

I also noticed that a lot of medical problems according to Cayce were due to improper eliminations from the body, or from osteopathic problems which cut off the natural "flow" of the body, or a combination of all of the above. We are not what we eat but rather how our body reacts to what we eat. This makes sense as no two people are alike and we all react differently to different food. I noticed that each cure he gave to each person was quite personal and unique to that individual.

Just thought you' all would be interested in this information.


To Whom It May Concern,

I was fascinated to see your mail. Just wanted to let you know that I had a professor in college....Gardner-Webb Baptist College, in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. His name was Dr. Nurah and he taught mostly about conspiracy theories. One of his favorite conspiracy theories was about Laetrile. He claimed that the government and medical profession is making a killing off of cancer. They don't want the word to get out about Laetrile. We had to learn the sources and the amounts necessary to prevent cancer.

I have always been interested in this idea. Thanks for the email. Oh...by the way, his other favorite conspiracy theory was the Kennedy Assassination.


Patty Brandon

Date: 98-02-02 22:03:53 EST

From: gradym@kdi.com (Janice Manley)

To: jason44321@aol.com


Well, this was the basis of the Laetrile (sp?) cancer regimen that my mother did in the 60s. She was given 6 months to live and started on standard chemotherapy. Each treatment was to last 5 days, then 5 days of being sick and 20 days of "normal" life. She was sick 30 days (vomitting,diahhh (sp???) ). After 4 months, she said she'd rather be dead, but instead she went to Mexico and did Laetrile...got pills t hat were made of seed pits....she ate lots of apricot pits because that was supposed to be the best. So,,,,,I guess if you look at her, she's a 100% testimony. Given 6 months to live, she lived 20 more years after she did the pit business.

Edward Rudolph had colon and lung cancer and prostate cancer. He started the vitamin B17 (500 mg. tablets) and the seeds about a month ago. He was in pain in his lungs and his colon. There was a tumor in his lower intestinal area that was the size of an egg which could be felt. The tumor, in 30 days is now hardly detectable and the pain is no more. His phone # is 1-313-942-1026. His e-mail address is earjlm@earthlink.com


My sister had stage 4 NH Lymphoma, present in her chest wall and bone marrow. She has had 5 CHOP chemo treatments and has been on the modified Gerson program and 1500mg Laetrile per day for several months. She just was rediagnosed with complete remission!!! Thank You Max Gerson and Laetrile!



Hi all, I came across this site about six months ago. I read through this entire site and I was totally amazed. It made sense to me the first time I read it. I then ordered the book the tape and the sample and I have been telling everyone I know since then. The tape is very informative and the book goes even further into depth about the politics of cancer. Although I did not have cancer and didn't know anyone at the time who did I did lose my cousin who was 24 and many others in the past. Living on Long Island, I have also had the statistics of 1 out of 9 women getting breast cancer. I did have a small lump though, in my groin area for a couple of years and the Dr.s had no idea what it was. If it were serious, I would hate to have thought what would have happened. WE are responsible for ourselves. Don't put any faith in Drs. They are human. Put your faith in God and trust the Holy Spirit when you are shown things that are true. Anyway after eating the samples the lump was gone!! I didn't even expect that. I was just checking out the goods :-) I just noticed it wasn't there anymore. I didn't even need the proof before that happened, I was already convinced, but after that, now I have something to tell people I know. I've had the privilege to speak with Jason who is a cancer survivor and has dedicated his life to helping others. He is truly a living testimony and a wonderful person. I would like to thank him for his dedication and pray that God continues to Bless Him and his coworkers for doing such a wonderful thing for others. Sincerely, Gail Garabedian Edwar


Here is my story on how I was able to put my cancer into remission.

On December 20, 1997 I noticed some blood in my urine. On 12/22/97 I went to the Hospital Emergency Room and there was nothing life threatening so they said to go to my urologist for further follow up. On January 8, 1998 I went to my urologist who did a visual examination and noted inflammation of the bladder and enlarged prostrate glands. He then scheduled me for an operation to correct the glands etc. and upon performing the operation took several biopsies of the areas. These biopsies all turned out to be malignant.

Another operation was scheduled in which the bladder was to be reconstructed and the prostrate glands operated on. However upon opening me up and examining the lymph nodes it was determined they also were malignant with cancer, so they just proceeded to sew me back up again.

Upon presentation to the Tumor Board of my situation they initially said since I was a 67 year old person that no effective treatment was recommended. However my urologist said we are looking at a 67 year old person with a biological age of 55. It was then recommended that I receive Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments.

Prior to my first Chemotherapy treatment I contacted a health nutritionist for a program to help in forestalling problems which would arise out of taking the Chemotherapy treatments.

On March 6, 1998 I started taking the Laetrile pills and eating the Apricot Pits. I have taken 6 of the 500 mg pills each day since and eaten15 to 25 pits each day. In addition I have been taking up to 8 drops of a Herbal concoction which is also not recognized but said to be very effective.

My first chemotherapy was on 2/20/98 and second on 3/20/98. I had very few side effects other than being tired from the treatments.

On April 8, 1998 I had a Bone Scan and a Cat Scan with the results being that there were not visible signs of any tumors left. On April 17, 1998 I had a Cystoscopy with 7 biopsies being taken. The result was that 6 of these were free of cancer. The 7th showed some cancer cells even though no tumor appeared visible.

At the present time I do not plan to take any more Chemotherapy treatments but to continue the Laetrile dosages for another month along with the herbal drops.

Merle Merlewho@aol.com


this was a letter to a friend of mine about us.

Dear Gene,

I wanted to send you this note for two reasons; one to thank you for putting me on to Christian Bros. and the other to give hope to your uncle.

As you know, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer that spread to his lymph glands. At the onset, he had two or more cancerous tumors on his throat the size of oranges. The prognosis was grim. His personal doctor told him to get his things in order and to accept the inevitable; that he had at the most 6 or 7 months left.

He then went to a cancer specialist who basically told him and me the same thing. But he said there was a chance that he could extend his life a year or so if he had Chemo. Then along came Gene. I am not one to try off-the-wall remedies, especially something that has had such bad press as Laetrile, but you seemed so sure that it had helped you uncle, that I gave it a try.

I gave my dad 2 pills per day of 500mg ea., plus 10-12 seeds chopped and place in a drink, given twice a day. During the next three month he kept up this regime. He also had 6 sessions of Chemo, plus two of radiation. Four months later he has been classed as a miracle case. The doctors are amazed and so is everyone else. Of course, they (the doctors) didn't give the vitamins any credit, but I think the following contributed to his recovery.

He took the B17 as well as the seeds religiously. He ate a lot of protein and vegetables; he quit smoking and he had a very positive outlook. The family rallied around him a gave him a lot of moral support. He had various church groups praying for him. All this I feel, contributed to his remission. There is a small amount of scar tissue that remains to be checked, but up until now, he has gained about 10-12 pounds and has full color and most of his strength back. He is active and excited about life. While this was not a scientific experiment, and it is difficult to give credit to any on specific area, the doctors basically threw up their hands and said, "well, let's try this to extent your life a bit." I feel the B-17 and the seeds did the wonders; they were a direct cause and effect. I highly suggest that anyone with similar cancer problems try the vitamins and seeds without fail and as instructed by Christian Bros. The results are real. This is something that happened to someone I know. I saw the result; this is not hear-say.

Gene, regardless of the ultimate outcome, be it months or years from now, I will always be indebted to you and Christian Brothers for giving my dad and our family hope and more quality time that anyone else offered. I really believe the results would have been different; that my dad should have suffered and ultimately would have succumbed to the disease. Words can not express my thanks..... but thank you. Small words for such great debt.

Your friend,

George Robinson (His address is P.O. box 1778 Mcallen Tx 78505 and his phone # is

Dear Jason,

Thank you for the phone call 12/29/98. This is my story of a Christmas miracle.

In November 1993 I discovered that I had breast cancer-stage 3, and both breasts were removed.
I received 6 months of chemotherapy consisting of 1 treatment a week for 3 weeks and 1 week off. This was done for 6 months. I received bone scans and cat scans every 3 months for the first 2 years and then every 6 months the 3 year and then 1 time a year from that point on. When I had my 4th year check-up it was discovered that the cancer had spread to the bones
ranging from my skull, rib cage, right femur, and spine with a total of 8 tumors.

My surgeon and oncologist convinced my family that I would have to have another round of chemotherapy for the rest of my life or basically until either the cancer killed me or the chemotherapy did. I was determined not to do the chemo, however; when your family asks you to do it for them it is hard to turn them down. I received 1 treatment of the chemo, administered to me while I was in the hospital, and the drip lasted for 2 days. After being home for 3 to 4 days I became so ill that I was taken to the emergency room and re-admitted into the hospital because the chemo had wiped out my
white blood cells and I was unable to fight off any kind of infection. I convinced my family that I could not do this anymore and promised I would try to find a nutritionist who would help me through diet and herbs, etc. I began to juice several times a week and started to begin vitamin and mineral therapy. And then my oldest daughter had an E-mail message and someone had sent her all the information on the B-17 and Christian Brothers.
My husband read the numerous pages of info that she printed for us and immediately called for the seeds and the B-17 tablets(500 mg) along with the
video and book. Since 8/18/98 I have been taking the tablets 4 times a day and eating 2 to 3 seeds a day. My bone scan was done this December and reports that 5 of my tumors have shrunk and the 3 other tumors have not changed in size since my bone scan of 5/98. My doctor called me 2 days before Christmas with the news and my family believes that the combination
of the seeds and the B-17 tablets along with prayer and faith have
contributed to my Christmas miracle - only God knows for sure!!!! 

Thank you Christian Brothers for making this non-conventional form of treatment for cancer.

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