Click here to view a recent show on CNET TV concerning our company and Laetrile. Even though it is somewhat positive it totally understates the truth about the simple answer to cancer. 

THE SEED. Tens of thousands know the answer to cancer, and do not fear the disease, myself included,

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A while ago, a man from my church, Bill DePap, gave me a video tape called "World Without Cancer", by G. Edward Griffin. It told the truth of a vitamin that contains cyanide and that it's found in seeds, certain grains, grasses and minutely in beans and meats. It told of certain cultures that have never had a single case of cancer because of the ongoing flow of cyanide in their bodies. Such cultures as the Navaho Indians, Abkasians and Hunzas just don't get cancer and live to over 100 years of age in good health. For six years I've been researching the information contained in the tape as well as using it to treat my kidney cancer. It's all true. We eat some cyanide every day but it's not enough to help us. The peaches we eat have a hard wooden pit in the middle. That pit is protecting something inside that we need in our diet or we'll die. Break the pit open and eat what we're instructed to eat in Genesis 1:29. In the first chapter of the Law we are told "to eat the seeds of fruits and herbs". The vitamin found in the seed is part of the B complex and has been slowly removed from our diets over the years. It is called B-17, or amygdalin or most simply, apricot seed extract and although it contains cyanide as one of it's components, it is safer than sugar or salt.

Scurvy, if you recall in history class, was a disease that killed millions of sailors. For over 60 years voyager ships were losing members to this fatal disease without a clue on how to stop it. It is noted in history that certain sailors were told by the natives of the islands that bark and limes would make a person well from scurvy. Tree bark and limes contain vitamin C, and it is now common knowledge that it is impossible to get scurvy if you have your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. Pellagra, Rickets and Beri Beri, are diseases with identical stories. Entire countries were crippled and nearly wiped out until they added Vitamin B to their diets which eliminated the diseases 100%. (Pellagra, Rickets, Beri Beri) Although the answers were known years before they became common knowledge, the doctors and kings refused to listen, costing millions of lives. How can a doctor make money by giving a prescription "eat oranges a couple of times a week" For this reason doctors don't work at trying to prove a food cures a disease. Actually nobody works at proving a food cures a disease. We just have to wait for the matter to become common knowledge in society. Money is what directs studies. Pharmaceuticals spend over 200 million on a study involving a patented chemical. Once the FDA approves the drug, they sell it to doctors and hospitals and make back their money and more. What if the same pharmaceutical spent that same 200 million dollars on a study involving a food that cannot be patented. The pharmaceutical would not have sole rights on the food after the FDA approval. (Click here for a better idea how drug companies rule even if the drug can't work) Any supermarket could sell it due to it's unpatentability. We are still looking at the wrong end of the spectrum for the answer. The economic politics of cancer are complicated and very interesting and soon this site will include pages explaining in depth what has gone on with the simple answer to cancer politically. Did You know..

There has never been a chemical pharmaceutical drug that has cured a disease.

"The love of money is the root of all evil", "God will use the simple things in nature to confound the wise", "The simplest of God's wisdom is wiser than the wisest of man's wisdom".

The FDA has broken into our office and confiscated our computers and stock in October of 2000.
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