The following is Heather's full diet for the few weeks it took to get rid of the cervical cancer!

Jason, here is a list of things I was taken from June 19th until July 23rd, the day before my surgery:      wake up and take 3-6 apricot seeds with 1t of mung beans  also  a mixture of baking soda and maple syrup [3 prts maple syrop/1 prt baking soda]  3 T. each morning] glass of water
Morning- flax seed,pumpkin seed granola with 1 T each of flax seed meal and omega 3,6,9 oil, mixed with soya milk.    [1/2 grapefruit]    green tea, and glass of water    [1 bee propolis, helps with immune system]
one hour later more apricot seeds and mung beans.
Afternoon-  wheatgrass shake,  mix wheatgrass/1 ice cube then add handful of blueberries, 2 scoops of transform+,[ get at save on foods or ant health food store], and about 1/2 to 1 cup of pure cranberry juice and purified water
[using a water filter called Santevia, which filters out chlorine, and fluoride, and changes your water from acid to alkaline [tap water 6.2 /  Santevia water has ph of 8]
take more mung beans and apricot seeds
Lunch-  salad  [ avocado, spinach, red pepper, tomato, cucumber, ]  [dressing- 1prt olive oil, 1 prt  balsamic vinegar]  glass of water  [1 bee propolis with water]
more mung beans and apricot seeds  [  granola bar or piece of fruit to satisfy hunger] 1T of almonds
Supper-  salad and or vegatables and small piece of fish or chicken, glass of water      [ more mung beans and apricot seeds] with water      [1 bee propolis with water]
Keep in mind, white rice, white sugar and bread  were eliminated from this diet, as well as no drinking or smoking
exercise,3-5 times a week, and keeping my mind positive, always believing that I was going to fight this disease          [ keep in mind all the food above is organic]
    Also approximately, 1-2 weeks into this diet, I began to take hemp oil,  small amounts on the end of a toothpick once in morning and once at night. This helped me get the rest I needed to heal.
I hope this will help Jason, it isn't a lot, but once you get on this regiment, it is easy, and there is nothing wrong carrying out this routine on a daily basis especially knowing how effective it was.

Thank you for you time Jason
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The answer to cancer is known.  Why was this man put in jail for 5 years???

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