Dated: January 11, 2001

Letter to the Editor
Los Angeles Times

I am the Founder of The Cancer Cure Foundation, a non-profit organization that, for 26 years, has been dedicated to the task of compiling information on alternative cancer treatments from around the world.

I am in strong disagreement with the views expressed by Barrie Cassileth in the article entitled "Laetrile by Any Other Name Is Still Bogus" which appeared in your publication on January 1, 2001. Our findings are that Laetrile is among the best treatments for cancer that has ever been found. It does not work 100% of the time (what therapy does?), but our studies show that Laetrile is significantly more effective than radiation or chemotherapy.

Conventional medicine is losing the fight against cancer. After decades of research and the expenditure of billions of dollars, the cancer rate still continues to climb. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, second only to heart disease. Thirty-three percent of all women will develop cancer in their lifetime — fifty percent of all men! Virtually every family now is at risk. Conventional medicine is further from a cure for cancer than when the search began.

Your readers should be cautioned that Barrie Cassileth is employed by the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan, which has a reputation for scientific fraud. In 1974, it was the scene of one of the greatest scientific scandals of the century. Dr. William Summerlin, one of the top-ranking researchers there, claimed to have found a way to prevent transplanted tissue from being rejected. To prove his case, he displayed white mice with square black patches of fur, claiming that skin grafts from black mice were now accepted by white mice. It was later discovered that he had created the black patches with a marker pen.

On a much more serious level was the well-publicized Laetrile test conducted at Sloan-Kettering in the 1970s. The final report stated there was no evidence that Laetrile was effective. However, employees inside Sloan-Kettering secretly sent copies of the actual lab reports to the press that proved just the opposite. Dr. Ralph Moss, who was Assistant Director of Public Affairs at Sloan-Kettering, was one of the whistle-blowers. He was fired because of it. The Sloan report was an insult to truth and a prostitution of science. A well-documented account of this episode is the chapter entitled "Genocide in Manhattan," in World without Cancer, by G. Edward Griffin. It will change your view regarding the integrity at Sloan-Kettering.


G. Edward Griffin
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